I have been a resident of Culver City for the last 13 years and in that time I have taken steps to immerse myself into the community and I’ve made efforts to use the skills that I have acquired in life to make our city and the surrounding area better.

As a  member of the Culver City Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee for the last 5 Years I have been proud to help plan, shape and execute the our celebration from start to finish. Growing up in Alabama and in Florida Dr. Martin Luther King jr. was a constant source of hope and inspiration even when my family would experience difficult times. Over the years I have served as a panelist and a stage manager for the celebration and this year I developed and implemented a Civil Rights Curriculum at the Culver Teen center to increase youth involvement and forge stronger connections between the committee and the community at large. Each week I and a fellow committee member, Steven Fisher, facilitated an interactive program and discussion that delved deeper into the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights Movement as a whole and the countless unnamed other activists, supporters and every day women, men and children who were active participants.

As both a mentor and an actor in the Young Storytellers program at Volunteer at El Rincon Elementary since 2005 I have helped encouraged shy, distracted and enthusiastic students to construct their own screenplays and I’ve watched with joy as their eyes lit up when professional actors came in to bring their words to life. When my personal schedule did not afford me the time to participate as a member over the last few years I have participated instead as an actor and helped sculpted a flesh and bone representation of these young authors’ words.

I would relish the opportunity to form deeper relationships with the citizens of Culver City and to collaboratively work to make the city more open, responsive and sustainable for its residents.